BP2T Ready to Follow Up on the Instruction to Revoke Kalista Alam’s Permit



Monday, September 24 2012 16:20 WIB
MURDANI ABDULLAH |  Free translation by Adji Darsoyo

BANDA ACEH – The Head of the Integrated Licensing Office (BP2T) of Banda Aceh, Muhammad Yahya, confirmed ready to follow up the Instruction of Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah on the revocation of Kalist Alam’s permit.
“That is the chief’s policy, so as staff member, we are ready to implement it,” said Muhammad Yahya encountered by the Atjeh Post in his office on Monday, September 24, 2012.
According to him, BP2T is an implementing body of each policy of the Government of Aceh. In other word, every new policy of the Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullan will be followed up by this office.
“The possibly revoked permit is a decision of the Administrative High Court of Medan, which is the permit to Kalista Alam covering 1,605 ha,” said Yahya.
He said that the policy to revoke the permit issued by the Government of Aceh is the first in the whole history of Aceh. This is the follow up on the decision of the Administrative High Court of Medan.
“We only withdraw the permit. Concerning any lawsuit filed by the company later on, that will be another problem,” said Yahya.[] (rz)



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