Investigated When Tripa Almost Perish | TEMPO Magazine

this article was originally published in TEMPO Magazine on July 22, 2012
Free Translation by Adji Darsoyo

Within the past two decades, the total area of Tripa Peat Swamp has lost almost 42 thousands of hectares. Allegation of legal violation was only investigated just before the peatlands and its contents were almost perished.

Early 1990

Primary forest has still been covering the 62 thousand hectares of Tripa Peat Swamp. There were approx.. 1,000 orangutan in the area.


The Government issued land concessions for 5 companies to operate plantation in Tripa Peat Swamp. One of them is PT Kallista Alam. The total of land concession issued covers 35 thousand hectares.


Increasing conflict in Aceh. A number of companies ceased their operations.


Post tsunami and after Helsinki peace agreement was signed, the companies started operating.

5 Febuari 2008

PT Kallista Alam submitted an application to an area extension of 1,605 ha.


WALHI Indonesia noted that other companies have extended their plantation area up to 8,000 ha.


PT Kallista drained and cleared the peatland. MODIS Satellite’s record show that from 591 detected hotspots, 203 are within the area of PT Kallista.


20 Mei

Presidential Instruction No. 10/2011 on the Moratorium on New Permit in Primary Forest and Peatlands was issued.

25 August

The Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf, issued a plantation permit for PT Kallista.

23 November

WALHI Aceh filed a lawsuit against the Governor of Aceh at the Administrative Court.



  •  The Administrative Court of Banda Aceh rejected the lawsuit of WALHI
  • Irwandi Yusuf was succeeded by Zaini Abdullah, who won the election for Aceh Governor

Beginning of May

Joint investigators started investigating the allegation of legal violation in Tripa Peat Swamp. Now, only 17 thousand hectare remain in Tripa Peat Swamp, with only 250 orangutans left.


Without rescue, the peatland and the orangutans in Tripa Peat Swamp are predicted to vanish.


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The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is in grave danger. Local politicians want to allow logging, mining and palm oil plantations in this vulnerable area. Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are already hanging on by a thread. They will not survive the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

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