You are all amazing, we are being heard!

In an amazing response to the tragedy in Tripa, thousands of people all around the world have emailed the President of Indonesia and key stakeholders calling for the law to be enforced and upheld in Tripa. We are happy to tell you it is already working, we are making a difference – Soon after you signed the petition, The Chairman of the REDD+ Taskforce (Kuntoro Mangkusubroto) sent a team of lawyers who have been on the ground in Tripa collecting evidence right now! Your voice is effective.

Burning protected forests and peatlands is against multiple laws, and we will continue to be watching this investigation very closely.

Allowing palm oil permits within the Tripa Peat Swamp Forest is also against the law, as it is and integral part of the Leuser Ecosystem, home to rhinos, elephants, tigers and of course, orangutans, which is protected in the National Spatial Plan established by  Government regulation 26/2008 under the National Spatial Planning Law number 26/2007.

In less than 48 hours the court of Aceh will be hearing the judges verdict in the case against the major culprits in burning forests in Tripa, the PT Kallista Alam oil palm company & Former Governor Irwandi Yusuf, over the issuing of an illegal palm oil permit in Tripa.

“This is really a test case,” said Chik Rini, a World Wildlife Fund campaigner, noting that while it’s not uncommon for timber, pulp, paper and palm oil companies to raze trees in protected areas, few developments occur in areas that seem so obviously off limits. If they get away with it here, well, then no forests are safe.”



Follow us on twitter @endoftheicon and tweet to the influential people who can help us in this case. The law is on our side, momentum is on our side, now we just need to make certain the court is on our side, and the criminals get punished for destroying Tripa! use #savetripa on your tweets to get it on trending topic.

Get tweet’n today and help us get a fair trial in court on April 3rd.

Foreign Minister Martyn is active on twitter, so we know this is person who will get the message loud and clear – the whole world wants justice for Tripa.

Dear Minister @martynatalegawa the world is watching how Indonesia enforces the law in Tripa! http://ow.ly/a0kaL #savetripa

The Indonesian President has received thousands of emails, lets keep his attention focused!

Dear president @soesilobambang we want to see JUSTICE in Tripa. This is our demand http://ow.ly/a0kaL #savetripa

The Minister of Forestry is responsible on deciding for what forests to stays and what forests get cut down by whom.

Dear Ministry of Forestry @zul_hasan you have to make sure JUSTICE is served in Tripa protected forest http://ow.ly/a0kaL #savetripa

The Ministry of Agriculture should be investigating palm oil companies operating illegally all over Indonesia.

Dear Minister @suswono palm oil company PT.Kalista Alam is violating the laws in Tripa http://ow.ly/a0kaL #savetripa

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights have to make sure JUSTICE is served in court on April 3rd.

Dear @KEMENKUMHAM the world demand JUSTICE to be served in Tripa http://ow.ly/a0kaL #savetripa

Originally the area of Forest that PT Kallista Alam is destroying was part of a multi billion dollar forest protection deal between Norway and Indonesia, The people of Norway must be outraged that their money is going up in smoke!

Dear @Kronprinsparet Norwegian taxpayer money is going up in smoke because of corrupt Indonesian officials http://ow.ly/a0oQ7 #savetripa

World Bank funds are used both for protection and destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem, a wider area of which Tripa is included. We’re asking them to investigate.

@WorldBank money is used to fund the destruction and protection of Orangutan habitat in Indonesia http://ow.ly/a0oMo #savetripa

United Nation Great Ape Survival Partnership (GRASP) list Tripa as priority site for Orangutan protection, we are asking  UNEP GRASP, UNEP and UNESCO to investigate.

Dear @graspunep Tripa is a priority site for the protection of Orangutans, http://ow.ly/a0oMo #savetripa

Dear @UNEP Tripa is a priority site for the protection of Orangutans, http://ow.ly/a0oMo #savetripa

Dear @UNESCO Tripa is a priority site for the protection of Orangutans, http://ow.ly/a0oMo #savetripa

There is more than 5000 people around the world who have signed the petition in such a short time – taking it to 10,000 easy when everyone gets just 1 more friend to sign:


Follow us on twitter: @endoftheicon

Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/savetripa

And one of the most complete and accurate media stories to come out so far:

Up in smoke: ecological catastrophe in the Sumatran swamps

The immediate result has been amazing, we’re rapidly building momentum at a critical time, now let’s focus our combined energy on the legal action in Banda Aceh on Tuesday and make sure it sets the precedent to:

• Save Tripa

• Save all the iconic animals who live in the rainforests of Indonesia

• Save the communities who reply on the water and environmental services provided by protecting these forests, and

• Reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and peat burning, which benefits the whole world!

~~ happy tweet’n everyone! and please share this widely –

~~ never underestimate the power of your friends ~~


About endoftheicons

The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is in grave danger. Local politicians want to allow logging, mining and palm oil plantations in this vulnerable area. Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are already hanging on by a thread. They will not survive the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

3 responses to “A 48 HOUR TWITTER JAM”

  1. Nature Conservation says :

    We saw you pledge on twitter and followed this link. Whatever is happening is not right as we are also big on conservation of nature. we have re-tweeted your pledge and hope its gets the intended impact.


    • endoftheicons says :

      Hi, thanks for your support, unfortunately our twitter account @endoftheicon got suspended because apparently there is too much traffic and twitter considered it as a spam.

  2. Chitra says :

    Keep up the awesome work guys!!!! I’ve tweeted everyone on the list – you make it easy to help the Orangutan cause {:(])

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